Aquavue Procedures: COVID-19

Posted on March 17, 2020
by aquavue

The team at Aquavue would like to make our intentions and procedures clear for our operations based on current information as at Monday, 22nd June 2020 1.30pm.

We are closely monitoring the situation with respect to COVID-19 and it is important that any information you receive with respect to COVID-19 or any other infectious illness comes from a reputable source. We are regularly consulting with the Australian Government, Queensland Health and the World Health Organisation on the best advice for our customers and staff.
Aquavue is strictly adhering to all Government regulations regarding business operations and have developed a written COVID Safe Plan to assist in complying with regulations. The following information has been taken from parts of Aquavue’s COVID Safe Plan.

Advice for all customers:

  • Do not visit or participate in activities (even to pick up takeaway) if you are sick by any means, even if you only have minor symptoms!!
  • If you have recently returned to or arrived in Hervey Bay, having travelled to COVID hotspots, we ask that you do not visit. Please follow these guidelines for self-isolation.
  • Practice social distancing at all times. Restrictions on public gatherings still remain. Aquavue staff are closely monitoring customers whilst occupying the space outside of our building whilst waiting for or consuming orders. If you are asked to separate by a member of staff, customers should respect the employee’s request or move to another location. Please follow these guidelines for social distancing.
  • Practice exceptional handwashing and sanitising. More information on good hygiene can be found here.
  • Be mindful of yourself and remember to take time to relax, it’s an extremely stressful time!! If you’re struggling to cope with life’s changes during this time, reach out to family or friends or visit Head to Health for support and advice.
  • Follow basic advice from reputable sources such as the Australian Government, Queensland Health and the World Health Organisation.


Cafe/Restaurant/Bar policies and procedures:

We are following a COVID Safe Industry Plan!!

Aquavue is running under the Retail Food Services Industry COVID Safe Plan for Restaurants, Cafes and Caterers. A copy of the Statement of Compliance can be found at the entrance to the dining area.

Record keeping
A rule has been put in place for businesses choosing to operate during eased restrictions. The rule is as follows;

Contact information must be kept for tables and workers, including name, address, and mobile number of a person at each table, for a period of at least 28 days.

General points

  • We are restricted to up to 20 people per defined area, determined by the 1 person per 4 square metre rule. We are operating 3 defined areas.
  • Whilst we prefer contactless payments such as PayWave and Tap and Go, we will accept some cash payments. During this time we will have limited change available, please use small notes/coins if possible.
  • Operating hours are changing with easing restrictions. Please check our website and social media for up to date information.
  • Bookings are recommended!
  • We ask customers not to lean on or touch tables, benches and counters unless absolutely necessary, be mindful that everything that you touch must be cleaned. Please follow directions if you’re asked to step back.
  • We are not accepting reusable coffee cups during this time, no exceptions!
  • Customer toilets are open only to diners whom have registered details with check-in staff.
  • Social distancing must be observed.

Watersports policies and procedures:

  • Watersports have been given the green light and are up and running for most activities.
  • Anybody displaying symptoms of COVID-19 should not visit Aquavue or or participate in any activities.
  • If necessary, patrons will be asked to reschedule or hold activity for a later date.
  • Where rescheduling is not possible, Aquavue will provide customers with store credit or voucher to use at a later date
  • Where store credit or vouchers are not possible, Aquavue will consider refunding the booking. This is at the discretion of management.

Australian Boating College policies and procedures:

As of 7th May 2020, approval to recommence BoatSafe training and assessment has been received from the State Health Emergency Crisis Centre. The conditions which have been
put in place are as follows:

Meet social distancing requirements ‘as far as practicable’

Aquavue will employ the following measures to ensure both staff and students remain

  • On arrival, students must wait outside the watersports building until invited inside. Staff will assess each student to ensure they are healthy and free of virus symptoms prior to entering the building.
  • Signing a written declaration for health and safety of others
  • Advising students to stay home if they feel unwell even if the symptoms are only mild
  • Limiting vessel capacity to 5 (trainer plus four students)
  • Ensure trainers and students remain more than 1.5m away from each other at all times unless completing the practical training
  • Whilst undertaking practical assessment, full skin-covering attire is required (eg, rash shirt, wet suit, gloves)
  • Advise students they are welcome to wear a mask if they wish, however students must supply their own mask. Trainer will wear a mask.
  • Gloves will be supplied to students to wear for practical assessments which must be disposed of once exiting the vessel
  • While completing theory components, students will be provided with 4 square metres of space per person
  • Sanitising stations will be available with signage for correct hand rub procedure. Sanitising should take place regularly, including fter ship cleaning actions
  • Various signage in building, see section 5.5 for further details
  • Students reminded to cover nose and mouth with a tissue or bent elbow when coughing or sneezing. Dispose of any unused tissues immediately in the bin and clean hands with liquid soap and water or an alcohol hand rub.
  • Thorough cleaning of all vessel common areas before and after the vessels are used with 4-in-1 solution.
  • A box of tissues, a waste receptacle for used tissues and hand sanitiser is to be available onboard the ship during the training and assessment.

Function & Wedding policies and procedures:

For more information, head to


It is an extremely challenging time for the country and in particular, the tourism and hospitality industries. We encourage customers to remain calm and enjoy the offerings of local businesses in the safest manner possible. Remember to support local!


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