Nature and Environment

How do we look after our slice of paradise? 

At Aquavue we care about the paradise around us. We take steps to ensure our impact on the environment is as little as possible but sometimes we need help from travellers and guests to make that happen…

As an operator, we play a vital role in the protection of Fraser Island and the Great Sandy Marine Park and in the education of tourists visiting the area. All our tours and operations uphold the view to prevent, reduce, reuse and mitigate any harmful effects. We are committed to ensuring that all activities are undertaken in a manner that exceeds all environmental regulation requirements and best practice codes.

Aquavue’s environmental policy is to:


·         Uphold and comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

·         Monitor and record all environmental impacts.

·         Ensure our operation does not create any long term environmental impacts.

·         Reduce any unavoidable direct or indirect impacts from the operation.

·         Monitor all waste produced on the vessel.

·         Reduce emissions from the operation and from our guests.

·         Promote best practice and improve resilience and adaptation to climate change

So, what does Aquavue do?

At Aquavue we always make sure our jet skis are as new as possible and are all state-of-the-art Yamaha, low emission, environmentally-friendly, four-stroke jet skis. We take care to clean them with environmentally friendly products! 

 Often, most travellers will not get to experience the western side of Fraser Island in any detail, so Aquavue’s tours and safaris are designed to show visitors the pristine environment and the plentiful wildlife that exists in this protected area of the Great Sandy Straits Marine Park whilst taking in the abundant wildlife including dolphins, turtles, stingrays, a variety of seabirds and dugongs that inhabit this unique stretch of spectacular unspoilt waterways. Aquavue’s skippers educate our valued customers on the environment around them whilst en-route to World Heritage Listed Fraser Island and the stunning surrounding waters and islands.

Aquavue Café and Restaurant sources local produce and products wherever possible.

All print material that is purchased for use by Aquavue is made from recycled materials. Products of a biodegradable nature are always chosen before others.

So what can you do?

At Aquavue we recommend the following 9 points as created by to travellers who wish to help us in preserving the environment and reduce their holiday emissions.

1.      Stay local

You don’t always have to travel a long way to holiday, stay and support your local community.

2.      Minimise air travel

Flying is extremely emissions-intensive, if holidaying overseas arrange a longer trip with flights at either end, rather than multiple short trips.

3.      Travel light

Every extra kilogram that needs to be transported needs more fuel and generates more emissions.

4.      Get around like us!

Make use of public transport, bicycles or walk to get around on the ground.

5.      Share the ride

Often, visitors choose to rent a car, share with fellow travellers and remember to drive efficiently.

6.      Get to know one location

Instead of travelling to lots of different places, get a better understanding of the local people and culture and reduce your holiday emissions at the same time!

7.      Buy souvenirs produced locally

 Help support the local community by purchasing products or souvenirs that have been made by our local people.

8.      Tour with the eco-professionals

Book and arrange your tours with an accredited eco-tourism operator (like us!) to reduce your impact on the local environment.

9.      Offset the rest

Holidays will never be entirely emission free, make sure to visit Greenfleet to find out how you can offset your holiday emissions.